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Modifying Child Support

Child support is not a definitive final document. It is subject to change as circumstances change. The aim of child support is to secure the wellbeing of the child. If financial circumstances change, the court can revisit the order. You should hire a paternity attorney Fort Lauderdale to represent you in court. A lawyer can be very useful in making your case.

There are certain changes in circumstances of the parents that can warrant a change in child support. These include:

– Changes in alimony: When the alimony terminates, it may impact child support by reducing income so there could be less money to care for minor children.
– Taxes: Moving to a different state with higher taxes can affect income.
– Change in living expenses: Change in living expenses such as daycare costs can increase the total support a child will need. Hiring a paternity attorney Fort Lauderdale to represent you is in your best interest
– Insurance premiums: Change in the child’s health insurance premium can affect child support. Any changes in the parent’s insurance premiums can also matter.
– Multiple children: If either parent is supporting another child, this can affect expenses.
– Change in employment status: If the employment status of either parent has changed, it will impact the child support calculations.

For a change in the support amount, your paternity attorney Fort Lauderdale will file a Supplemental Petition to Modify Child Support. The petition is served to the spouse and the court will then consider the case through mediation or trial.

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