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Divorce Cases Involving Domestic Violence

What happens in divorce cases involving domestic violence? Marital domestic violence is unfortunately still quite common and an overwhelming number of them affect women and children. To escape from such a marriage, divorce is the most prudent recourse. It is best to meet a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer to find the most prudent way of dealing with such cases.

But what should you do if you are faced with such a situation? There are some steps you must take:

Hire a lawyer: The first thing you should do is find an experienced divorce lawyer. This can be difficult for a victim of domestic abuse, but a lawyer’s advice can be crucial in such cases. A lawyer can advise you on the correct measures to take in protecting yourself and your children. Such cases often end up in court and can involve custody battles where children are involved.

File for injunction: In a case of domestic violence, the priority must be to ensure one’s safety. An injunction is the first step in ensuring this. There are different kinds of injunctions and these are filed to prohibit a person from taking some specific action. In cases involving domestic violence, an injection can be filed against an abusive spouse for repeated violence, sexual violence, or for stalking. In short, the injunction ensures that the abusive spouse cannot act in a violent manner. Your lawyer will help you file the right injunction.

Gathering proof: Proof of violence helps in establishing that abuse has occurred. Proper proof helps in establishing repeated abuse,which helps in court cases. It is best to take the advice of a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer regarding the kind of proof you can document. This will typically include pictures of bruises and other injuries or threatening phone calls and any other evidence that shows a pattern of violence. If possible, try for time stamped pictures to better establish long-term violence. Any abuse targeted towards children must be documented as well.

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