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Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer

When a divorce becomes inevitable, one of the first recommended steps is to hire a divorce lawyer Fort Lauderdale. The decisions taken during a divorce have a long-term effect and it is important that you have expert legal advice. Among the reasons for hiring a lawyer are: To understand your rights & duties Everyone has […]

Things You Should Know About Prenups

One thing that makes news every time a celebrity marries or gets divorced is prenups, also known as prenuptial agreements. This makes one believe that only the rich and famous need such an agreement. However, the truth is that many ordinary people also choose to get a prenup. It should be made with the counsel […]

Divorce Cases Involving Domestic Violence

What happens in divorce cases involving domestic violence? Marital domestic violence is unfortunately still quite common and an overwhelming number of them affect women and children. To escape from such a marriage, divorce is the most prudent recourse. It is best to meet a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer to find the most prudent way of […]

Divorce Documents You Should Prepare Beforehand

If you are considering a divorce, the first thing you need to do is gather important documentation. This will make the job of your Ft Lauderdale divorce attorney easier, and you can also preempt any attempts by your spouse to remove important papers. The documents you will need will pertain to your personal details as […]

Top 5 Ways to Help Children Cope with Divorce

1. Talk to Your Child After learning about their parents’ separation/divorce many kids think, what did I do wrong? Did I not clean my room well enough so Daddy or Mommy is now leaving? Am I the reason Mommy and Daddy fight all the time? Does (insert which ever parent is leaving the home) not […]

Family Mediation: What should I expect??

Mediation is a chance for both sides to come to the table in a neutral setting and allow a third party person – the mediator – assist in helping the parties come to an agreement about their differences. The parties usually meet face to face either at the courthouse or in someone’s office, depending on […]


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