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FIRST RESPONDERS, COVID-19 AND CHILD CUSTODY: Don’t take their kids away from them!

There are a lot of parents trying to suspend time sharing during the COVID-10 crisis out of a genuine concern for the health safety and welfare of their minor children.  Some parents have legitimate reasons for stepping up to protect the children.  I am compelled to write this article because there has been a tremendous […]

Role of Family Law Lawyer in Custody Cases

With rising incidences of divorce, a family law attorney’s role becomes critical. A family law lawyer Fort Lauderdale has an important role to play in a divorce case, that can range from being a counselor to a negotiator. Some of these roles include: Preparing and submitting documents A divorce case, like any other legal matter, […]

Children Born Out of Wedlock

In the first scenario, if you are the mother, and there is no court order, Florida law says you are the natural, legal custodian of the child. You have all the say so about what happens with the child. For example, you have the last word about what name the child receives on the birth […]


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