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What You Should Know About Retroactive Child Support

The state of Florida holds both parents responsible for the well being and upbringing of the child. The court can ask the non-custodial parent to pay portion of expenses incurred before the divorce or child support payment was finalized. This is known as retroactive child support. You should talk your child support attorney Fort Lauderdale […]

Child Support — When Your Ex Does Not Pay

The courts fix child support based on various factors like income, health insurance costs, applicable deductions, and parental responsibility. Any change in child support must be approved by the court. If your ex has stopped paying his/her share, you can enforce child support with the help of the court and a child support attorney Fort […]

Modifying Child Support

Child support is not a definitive final document. It is subject to change as circumstances change. The aim of child support is to secure the wellbeing of the child. If financial circumstances change, the court can revisit the order. You should hire a paternity attorney Fort Lauderdale to represent you in court. A lawyer can […]

Five Things You Need To Know About Your Child Support

I started out as a child support attorney in the Attorney General’s office, representing the Department of Revenue. I learned so much from being a child support attorney, and wanted to share some of that information with my readers. Here’s what I think are the top five issues about your child support obligation. 1. You […]


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