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Will I get deported if I divorce?

So, it really depends on whether you would get deported. It has to do with your Visa status and your immigration status and you certainly want to talk to a qualified family law attorney to make that determination if your Visa is based on other factors such as a family or an employer sponsorship, you […]

My spouse cheated, what’s the effect on my divorce?

So, it does have an impact on whether you would be getting spousal support. So, you want to look at if your spouse is cheating how much support does that entitle you too. You want to look at your rights in terms of the spouse cheating and make sure that you consult with a qualified family […]

How are assets split in a divorce?

The jumping off point is 50/50 that everything gets split down the middle and then of course there are exceptions in terms of whether you get 50/50. So if you have a business, if you have a house, if you have non-marital property, or gifts, or an inheritance that has to be considered that maybe […]

Will I get alimony? Spousal support?

I want to talk to you today about alimony or spousal support and whether you may be entitled to that, and there are a lot of factors that go into considering that. So, we have to look at the length of the marriage, if it’s a short term if it’s a moderate term, long term. […]

How much alimony will I get or have to pay?

I want to talk to you today about how much spousal support you might get during your divorce. And there are factors that we are going to look at we’re going to look at the incomes of both the parties we’re going to be looking at the length of the marriage. We’re going to be […]

Can I get divorced if I can’t find my spouse?

The answer is probably yes. It takes a little bit longer and there are some other steps that you have to take such as filling out an affidavit, and publishing a classified in local newspapers, but you certainly can get that done. And if you want to get divorced from a spouse that you can […]

Can I move out of state with my child?

It depends, there’s a relocation statute in Florida that’s very strict. So, you have to be in compliance with that statute. What does that mean to you? It means you may have a parenting plan in place. You may have a parent that’s participating in time sharing and so you may be able to do […]

What is a pre-nup?

I want to talk to you today about a prenuptial agreement. Do you need one? What goes into it? And so, what goes into the prenuptial agreement is looking at the property that you have, looking at the income that you have, a waiver of your estate rights and things of that nature. The prenuptial […]

How do I adopt a child?

So, I get a lot of parents that are interested in adopting a child and the good news is that Florida law provides us a solution and process to do that. One of the things that we need to do is to determinate the rights of the biological parents. There’s also a home study that’s […]

What about stepchild adoption?

We have this concept in today’s culture about blended families, what I lovingly referred to as “his, hers, and ours.” So, if you’re in a situation where you have another child from a different marriage or a different partner, you may want to consider stepparent adoption. The good news is it’s laid out under Florida […]


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