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Thursday , March , 21 2019
Interstate Orders
adkins family law interstate orders

  • Overview

Anyone who lives in another state and is affected by a Florida order, or needs Florida jurisdiction, can apply for both enforcement and modification of existing orders from any other state or country. For example, the parties lived in New York when they got divorced. Then, the mother moved with the children to Florida and the father moved to Maryland. Well, none of the parties live in New York anymore, and they want to address the time sharing or child support piece of the New York divorce. Because the children now reside in Florida with mom, the time sharing and child support can be addressed in the Florida Courts.

A word of caution if this is a situation you find yourself in..................It's a complicated area of law that even some attorneys do not understand. Be sure and call our office to let us guide you through this complex process.


The information provided here is intended to be general information. It should be used as a reference and may not apply to your specific case. The information made available DOES NOT create an attorney/client relationship between you and the attorney. Please call our Office, (954) 734-6048 for answers specific to your situation.